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Even though Fun, Facts and Follies is free to enjoy on the web, producing new episodes takes considerable time and effort. Support from patrons helps pay for production, materials, and improvements, as well as compensation for the talents of those involved.

Here is how it works:


As a patron, you pledge to pay a certain amount of money every time a new episode of Fun, Facts, and Follies is posted. The amount you pay is up to you. It could be as little as $1 or $3 per new episode or as much as your generosity dictates. Any amount is appreciated.

Just sign up as a patron at and set up the amount you want to give and a payment method. When new episodes of Fun, Facts, and Follies become available, your donation will automatically be processed. You can cancel your patronage at any time.

Currently, new episodes are posted every other week. Please show your support!

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